7 - It's been a while...

Sunday, October 07, 2012

So it's been a while since my last post.

Things have been beyond crazy. From the uphill struggle that is house renovations (really, is it EVER going to be finished?) to Dominic starting nursery school (I'm almost envious of the mama's whose kids scream at their departure, I don't even get a kiss or hug and he's already got his coat off and hung and on his way in to class). We've holidayed in Northumberland and done a lot of film location visiting from Harry Potter at Alnwick Castle to Roslin Chapel of Da Vinci Code fame. And now we are home, with our feet on the ground in our normal sized house (our holiday rental cottage bedroom was the same size as a whole floor of our house) trying to finish at least something. I feel like I've started a lot and can't figure out how to finish anything as well as I want to.

Can a map be found for that kind of lost? Is it something you have to draw up yourself? Do you just find your way organically like a stream flowing to a river? Answers on a postcard please...

N. x

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