10 - Woo hoo!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I've hit the giddy heights of 50 followers today on Pinterest (click here to take a look)!

I'm quite in love with Pinterest and almost wish they'd release a work stream version where I can set pins to time out when a project has ended or set private pins that you can share with certain groups (making it easier to share work ideas with clients and specific groups or just keep some inspirations for an up and coming line top secret). I love it though, just the way it is.

Twitter doesn't spark with me like Pinterest, I just don't think we're compatible (sorry, its not you Twitter, its me, please don't hate me...). Perhaps that is what comes of being a very visual person? I like to show people what inspires me as well as what I can do and Pinterest is the perfect platform for that. I also just love not having word docs full of cut and paste images that get lost in the depths of my not so good filing system.

Thank you Pinterest, for making life a little bit easier.

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