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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Chorus from United Visual Artists on Vimeo.

My love affair with UVA (United Visual Artists) began back in 2003 (wow, ten years ago) in an airfield in Liverpool as they headlined Creamfields. I was blown away by their collaboration with Massive Attack on their live performances (they have an ongoing relationship which I believe is still going).

I didn't blog back then (was blogging around then?) but if I had I definitely would have shared the love.

I encountered UVA in an all together different setting at Opera North back in 09. The whole thing was beautiful. I was pregnant with Dominic at the time and the whole "Chorus" piece felt a bit like I imagined life in the womb might be like (or should be) with the surreal lights and sounds. The video in this post is of that installation (albeit in a different setting).

What I always love the most about UVA is their ethereal presence and choice of light as a medium. The fact that they usually have an amazing collaboration going on with someone I'm pretty keen on only adds to the love affair.

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