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Friday, November 27, 2015

Quite often I find myself wanting to share something. Some choice idea or words of wisdom, some train of thought or words that popped into my head. That's usually where they stay, in my head. I become overwhelmed by the idea of finding time to "blog" because in my mind "blogging" has to be carefully thought out words and some pretty fancy imagery to go with, and so I end up not sharing anything.

I took a long walk this morning rather than my eight minute (six on a "good" day) walk/rush from school to work and I had an epiphany ("ten minutes over at Elton John's and you're..." - enough Love Actually quoting...).

You see, in my head, the swirly space where all of my thoughts run around as if in the Large Hadron Collider, crashing together, sometimes forming something beautiful, sometimes doing nothing at all, "blogging" and by default "bloggers" are taste makers or tellers, they tell people who and what to like and what's hip right now. I guess in my head they are a bit like the mean girls in high school that thrive on being ring leaders with minions who hang off their every word. Perhaps being a bit mean to the folk who are genuinely just sharing thoughts, but there-in lies the epiphany. A blog doesn't have to conform, to any pattern or ideal, it's just a space. In this case, my space (ha! I'm sure someone could do something with that, kinda catchy...). "Bloggers" don't have to be a specific odd sub-species of human, they're just the same as everyone else really. 

I don't like rules. I'm not very good with rules at all in fact, so from today on, gone. No more rules. No feeling like I HAVE to put images with my words, no more feeling like I can't pop in with a random thought train. Want images? I have Instagram that serves well on that matter...

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