48 - What "work" looks like

Monday, November 11, 2013

Last week was a great week. Most specifically Thursday. I got to dress up in my "me" uniform rather than my "mama" uniform and head off to London for a private view at a shop that is stocking some of my Christmas cards (SMUG - read about it here and here).

On the train, speeding away from Leeds to London I looked down at my beautifully blood red nails glinting in the sun that was pouring through the window and fully evaluated that moment in time. I think to myself, I'm on a sunny train, wearing my kind of clothes, dressed how I like to dress, mixing business (private view) with pleasure (catching up with my long time friend who I haven't seen for a good number of years). I had a realisation in that moment "this is how work looks like for me, this is how a dream job (MY dream job) unfolds". Even now I sit writing (partially as a part of my "job" and partly for me) with blogger open in one window and a live stream of the Hunger Games premiere in another (regular readers will know of my love for J-Law and the Hunger Games) and I know that I am building my dream, I am in control of my path and my destination. Life is by no means perfect and I have a long way to go before I reach my goals, but the journey, it's a big part of it. I've been on a train speeding along to get things done before and started to realise I was missing the getting there. I love to travel and this is just an extension of that.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, take care of your journey, its just as important as your destination.

47 - Alfies Studio for SMUG / 007

Saturday, November 02, 2013

I have the good fortune to have eyes like a hawk for great finds when it comes to Pinterest and spotted a call for submissions from the lovely people at SMUG for their Christmas pop up shop.

You can buy this exclusive for SMUG colour way online (click here) or pop in to their lovely shop in Islington.


I've been working this evening on updating my shop / site / online presence and like to have a little bit of Spotify or a movie going on in the background. This evening I've had the lovely James Bond in the corner of my screen. Aside from feeling like an ultimate geek (looking at web code and having James Bond in the corner of my screen whilst I'm doing it makes me feel like an uber geek and I love it!) I have come up with a "conspiracy theory". Non Bond fans, please feel free to hop on over to SMUG now if you haven't already... My theory is this. It was always "assumed M was a randomly assigned letter", however, in Skyfall when Bond introduces her to Kincaid the reply is "nice to meet you Emma". Is this a slip on Kincaid's part for assuming Bond said "Em" rather than "M"? As it seems that in the world of Bond we are no longer travelling in a straight time line I am putting forward the notion that it is in fact E.M - Eve. Moneypenny. "M" says she always was a lousy shot and we know that Moneypenny shot Bond. I wonder...

Digression over. Feel free to let me know your thoughts and what your favourite Bond film is. I'm currently working my way through the box set so am still undecided. I like "The World is Not Enough" for sentimental reasons but would love to hear your suggestions on what I should be watching and who your favourite Bond is.

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