75 - Advice

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Sowing the seeds of good future, growth and beauty...

I'm trying to start living my life by the sort of information or advice I'd give to my children. I often find I'm telling them things and wondering why I don't live by the idea or concept myself.

You need to go to sleep now I say, it's eight. Whyyyyyy mama? she says. Why can't I just stay up a leeeetle bit longer? Because to be healthy you need to get lots of sleep I say (it's a potted version of a much bigger answer but I figure on a four year old it'll do). Half past two in the morning I finally make it to bed after packing lots of orders up. Silly (hypocritical) mama.

We become wise beyond our means when someone else's life depends on it yet unable to furnish ourselves with the same love, attention and knowledge (and often, compassion). Be kind to yourself, sow the seeds of wisdom in your own soul that you would impart on your children. Go to bed early, sometimes.

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