11 - Busy

Monday, October 15, 2012

Today has been a busy day in the studio. Lots and lots of ordering in prep for printing Christmas cards. I try not to get involved in Christmas too early as I find by the time December hits I've already had enough of it. On the flip side I don't want to release a range long after everyone has already got their cards.

I'm pretty excited. After toying with the idea of foil blocking, I've decided to strip it back to the brand's core values. Objects that have soul and process that you'll want to keep. I will be hand stamping and finishing a large part of the range, they might not be perfect but you can bet that a lot of effort went in to making them look as good as. The designs have been sent off for the stamps to be made, metallic ink ordered and 100% post consumer waste/recycled paper stock purchased - can you believe that one of the card stocks is called Hairy Manilla?! Brilliant.

I'll also be doing an A3 hand-me-down print that I'll be sharing in a few weeks time. Stay tuned...

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