Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hey there. Feeling pretty inspired today. For most people Sunday is the day of rest, a day off work. For me its a day of rest from being a Mama and my children and time for me and I spend it doing what I like best. Stereo on (my choice of listening rather than my son's), creating (designing + dreaming), pork roasting in the oven for family dinner later when I get to hear how my kiddos and their Dadda have spent their day.

Today I'm full of ideas and possibilities and I'm so close to e-mailing Vivienne Westwood (one of my favourite designers) about creating a plaid wedding dress or evening gown. Today I feel like I could have one great everything in me. One great dress, one great story, one great piece of furniture (no song - I know my limits...). I feel like I could keep on creating and letting ideas flow until I've done one of everything there is to do. For now tho' I will stick to what I know best and carry on with my "So long, summer" range of card and notelet designs, of which you can see a work-in-progress sneak peek below.

Plaid / check / herringbone detailing from future cards and notelets

Bristol pennant flag and Clifton Suspension Bridge detail from up-and-coming cards and notelets
Bristol, love of my life...

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