26 - The Season of Love - Young and Norgate

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The season of love is upon us with Valentines drawing ever near and rather than get mushy and gushy about the man in my life I've decided to share a few things I love.

First up are Young and Norgate. I love everything starting with their brand (one of those classic "wish I had designed that" moments when I saw it) to their ethos and the well defined beauty of their products. Its been on my mind for a while about up-sizing my desk and renovating my studio/study to fit the expanding (!) business but I've hit a blank every time because of the sheer awkward nature of the room (and budget). A double sash window, two doors, an alcove and a wall with floor to ceiling shelving - try fitting something in around that, I dare you... Factor in that you have to go through from the front door to the rest of the house and its just a disaster.

These guys create seriously lust-worthy furniture as you can see from their Animate Desk which is my object of love/lust for today.

Animate Desk by Young and Norgate. Just beautiful.
I don't think the fox is included...

Head on over to Young and Norgate for a look at this and the rest of their collection here.

Another object of love/lust coming soon...

Image taken from the Young and Norgate Facebook page.

25 - Huraaaaahh!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Have hit 100 followers on Pinterest... hurrah!

24 - Girl on Fire

Monday, January 14, 2013

Creative and paid for it. I am the girl on fire
I have already spent a portion of this year wondering what I do, who I do it for and the worth in all of that. I feel that in a pecking order of things that are important to people (in England, I have a feeling it is very different in the US from the blogs I follow) that creative services are way down the list. I don't mean to sound negative, quite the opposite in fact. I'm hopeful that I can help people see the value in being well branded (and how it adds value to their business offering), the pride in announcing their little ones arrival with something a bit fancy (you created that tiny being, welcome them to the world in style) or setting the tone for an event with the invites (which are pinned on peoples boards and then kept as keepsakes, more important than a dress or flowers in that sense) and giving something special to someone who is going to spend a considerable amount on attending your event.

I recently took an ECourse with Braid (who I can not speak highly enough of) that is called "Dream Customer Catching" and it opened me up to the idea that my dream clients are out there. The projects I dream of and love to do and benefit from not only financially but personally and professionally too. I get more of a buzz from creating something that fits someone perfectly and enriches their being than I do watching the pound signs clock up (but hey, the bills still need paying right!). Its all got me thinking about what I want to do, and who for, and how I can do it best and continue to get better. All too often I hit on the dream client that has no budget (who I'd bet probably make more than I do as a result of the great branding job I did for them, perhaps I should work on a commission basis?!) or uninspiring jobs that pay the bills but leave me feeling like I lost a little bit of my soul while doing them. I have every faith that the right clients are out there and even though they may not have much of a budget, that they will see that really, looks are everything. I've spent time panicking that the downturn might mean an end to the branding projects I love so much and event invitations (etc.) but I think now, more than ever, its time to get the edge. To look more professional and clear on your product offering or service than ever before. To make your event or announcement sing from the top of the roofs and call people in like a moth to a bright light. At the same time I have realised the same thing for myself. I spend a lot of time helping others be great that I allow myself little time to see what I've become. In the coming months I'll be posting retrospective Alfies Studio projects that have really shaped what I do and who I do it for, and using my past to realise my expertise and what I am truly great at and take it to the next level. I am ready. Most of all I love that I get to be creative AND get paid for it... I am the girl on fire*.

*I have become a bit of a Hunger Games addict and read all three books in a week (had them for Christmas). I don't want to run around off-ing people to survive but I have a sudden desire to take archery lessons and become the go-getter that Katniss is. This year I plan on working on strength and determination and giving myself time and space to let those things breathe. It would have all looked very different had Katniss got two children in tow I'm sure...

23 - Hello 2013!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Happy New Year!

Christmas for us was all over the place as ever trying to fit everyone in and do all that we wanted to. Its very different now Dominic is in school (nursery) and we have to stick to term dates rather than setting off to do the rounds when it pleases. Dominic seemed freaked about the whole Santa thing rather than excited. He has an acute sense of security for a three year old. Christmas Eve he seemed really quite scared about this fella he didn't know being able to get in to his house in the middle of the night (no joke, it took us ages to convince him it was ok to go to sleep and he'd be safe) and then after he seemed even more freaked about how a bike got in to our living room - "but mama, how DID he get it in?". On Christmas day Eve seemed so overwhelmed by it all that she just kept standing with her back to us staring at the tree with her hands on her face looking like the world would end. Next year I'm sure will be very different again with a 2 and 4 year old, babies that are no longer babies. My boy goes to proper all day school this year, that's going to be pretty odd. Exciting times ahead I think.

Already off to a crazy start with working on Valentines and Mothers Day. I can't believe how quickly time is flying by...

I'm excited about the coming year and getting in to some great new projects. I'm so pleased to be helping some past clients welcome their little ones to the world with birth announcements (I kid you not, no less than 6 previous clients are awaiting new arrivals!) and get on with the up and coming seasons greetings. I'll also be consulting on the styling of a new venture or two.

Excited doesn't cover it. Bring it on 2013!

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