9 - Love at first sight...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I've been feeling a bit grim and grumpy of late for one reason and another. I just found something that rocked my world and I'm in love with...

I want all of them... IMMEDIATELY!
Maps, 1950's Mad Men style illustrations (which have been on my mind a lot lately as I'm trying to include this style in my work), a whole bunch of amazing locations, has someone been sneaking at my Christmas list? Herb Lester Associates (they even have a cool name). Also exciting... new releases by subscription! I am having visions of lots of these framed and on the wall (something really different for the children's rooms too maybe) or hopping on and off planes with a bunch of them spilling out of a trusty satchel (read Zatchel here, they are by far the nicest looking I have found so far and were on my wish list for my thirtieth and sadly still on my wish list - 13" chestnut, classic, with handle and slider if anyone is feeling generous).
Oh Zatchel, I want to grow old with you...
(Image from zatchels.com)
A girl can dream right?

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