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I grew up creating adventures in the woods, collecting grasses and flowers with my nana whilst my dad fished with my granddad, perfecting my skill of making the perfect sand fort against the incoming tide and learning plant names. In my teenage years spent my time dying my hair all manner of colours, painting every nail a different shade, oil painting or making wire sculptures coated in smashed glass (my signature piece at the time), going to concerts/gigs, sneaking off to London for the music shops in Camden / gallery hopping and writing letters to a boy whose house was three roads away from mine.

I like to mooch about the back roads of cities. Taking in the local architecture, discovering their industrial past and uncovering hidden gems. I like to sit in cafe windows watching the world go by with a pot of tea on the go. I like writing proper post to catch up with friends. I believe that if you have something to tell, you should tell it well. I feed my soul on music, film, literature and outdoor adventures. I have an oddly opposing love of city living and having a garden to tend to. I love maps. I define my work, it doesn't define me. I love curling up in front of a crackling fire watching the snow drift down outside in winter. I have a Mr, 2.5 children and a hundred year old house that whistles on a really windy night.

I believe that everyone has the power to create their own adventures and carve a narrative they can be proud of, and that sharing those adventures is just as important as living them.

To see some of my past projects, go here or to learn more about my design work and process go here.

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