5 - Wiped out.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

View over to Clifton Suspension Bridge, at Bristol Balloon Fiesta
Clifton Suspension Bridge / Bristol Balloon Fiesta
So as the title suggests I'm feeling pretty wiped out today. I am still trying to catch up on a massive sleep deficit from last weekend and the early start to catch the (no-show due to lightning/weather) early mass balloon ascent at Bristol Balloon Fiesta. Up and out at 04.30. That's 4.30AM to be clear!

This week I actually feel a little home sick for Bristol and have started to wonder why we left (a million reasons to do with house size vs affordability / raising kids etc) and if we'll ever manage to get back there to Clifton. I've joked for a while about making a "I left my heart in BS8" poster but think now might be the time to actually do it.

The photo is of *some* of the balloons in the evening mass ascent, we didn't get to see all of them as we had to get off to our dinner reservation. I honestly think that may be one of my favourite views in the whole world and I miss being able to walk over that bridge and look down on to the city. One day Clifton my friend, one day.

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