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Saturday, November 17, 2012

I am working on a few notebook designs for a Christmas market that I am doing in a couple of weeks. I came up with a mantra to help me when I start a new project (and to justify sitting for hours with a bunch of magazines, books and blogs). Inspiration is the pathway to creation.

Take a sneaky look at my inspiration below. I'm also happy to be pinning this as a guest pinner at randomlyhappytoday's pin board: Live More, Create More here. Thanks Elena for the opportunity and I look forward to being involved.

WARNING: My desk is not one of those beautiful and preened specimens that would win awards for best in show, it is organic, free and at times - mountainous. I look forward to a time I have two desks, one to spread ideas on to keep coming back to and one to create on.

Inspiration is the pathway to creation - a look at current objects and pieces of inspiration at Alfies Studio.
Type, colour, simplicity, the Fifties, vintage, I love it all at the moment...

I've been working on lots of different things lately. From greetings cards to promoting them to helping a couple of start-ups.

I've loved doing the greetings cards and its the first time in ages I've created anything with a totally blank canvas rather than a clients brief or needs. I feel I may have fallen prey to the dreaded comparison trap however and expect to suddenly feature in blogs all over and have people cooing over my work in vast numbers. I need to remember that it takes time for word to get around, to be patient and even if it means continuing to be up to around two every night trying to make it all real (and then up early with the babies the next day) to
continue to create, to believe and to love what I am doing and to share it.

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