18 - Tiring but productive few weeks

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Well it's certainly been a tiring week or two. Satisfying as I'm getting lots done, meetings lined up and contact made about stockists, but that whole process is a lot slower than the "want it in shops now" monster in me that sees piles of printed goods all dressed up with nowhere to go...yet. I'm working on that part.

In my head I know that getting recognised will take a long time and it will all be worth it in the end when I can just go through the year holiday by holiday, season by season with a pile of stockists expecting their next batch of goodies without me having to spend a huge amount of time and heart on marketing and having lots of time to just create (that's what I love best). I'm also looking forward to getting back to some more client side work in the New Year when wedding season hits in.

For now, here are a few more things I've been working on. They aren't in the shop yet as in truth I'm trying to figure out pricing and what is fair vs. what is profitable and that vs. what people will (and these days, can afford to) actually pay. I create because I want to make people happy and yes, I do need to make a living too, but as long as I can keep my kids in shoes and clothes (and we can eventually get some foreign sun too) then I'm happy. I don't want to charge vast sums of money because I can or should and am growing to despise a culture that is charging ever increasing sums for what may be a quality product but is mostly a name or brand. I do not believe that quality products should cost the earth, I believe they should cost what they need to. I want to charge relative to what its worth, in terms of time to create as well as material value. I find it all very difficult, really I'd just love to be a donations only getup and people could give me what they felt the product was worth and I'd be rid of the guilt of charging at all (Jamie, you have the best idea I think...). I digress anyway...

The latest:

Christmas greetings aimed at the small people in our lives
Children's Christmas cards
Thank you cards to match the range of greetings
Thank you cards to go with each collection of greetings this season.
I'm especially proud of the thank you cards that match the rest of the greetings line. I'm a sucker for brand, even when it comes down to personal goods (we all present our own personal brand, every day, but that's for another post I think...) so these make me very happy. I'm also happy about the fact that I always want to send cards after Christmas (mostly from the children to gift givers but sometimes from us too) and always let it slip through being busy and wind up at Easter just remembering about the cards and thinking its a little late. Christmas, I am ready for you... especially now that Dominic is learning to write. My children will be brought up to send real cards and letters (my new range is mostly on recycled and post consumer stock) and always remember to be thankful for what they are given.

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