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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Last September we had the pleasure of stumbling across Two Fields at The Good Life Experience (all our best finds are there pretty much). Two brothers, two fields, the best olive oil you've ever tasted.

We had the joy of meeting Will (one half of the Two Fields brothers) at a Hawarden Estate event again just prior to "lockdown" this year. I can't remember exactly how it came to be but shortly after Will very kindly sent us a tester of some new products - sea salt and oregano.
Now, I'll admit, this doesn't sound very exciting but goodness, it's magic.

"We hand collect our sea salt from the rocks of Kato Zakros. The waves crash into the rock pools where the sea water naturally dries in the sun, leaving beautiful white salt flakes. We forage our Wild Oregano in the Dead Gorge during spring. The buds are carefully trimmed and air dried."

These simple findings transform even the most mundane of meals into a feast.

I had been wanting to send something to Will, a little thanks befitting the beautiful gift that had been given to us. On surfacing from a fairly dense Covid times fog I came up with a fresh take on an old classic botanical illustration (my Botanical Garden range features similarly styled items) of a European Olive.

It perhaps sounds a little narcissistic to say, but I love it. Too much to let his be the only copy in existence and so decided to launch it as the latest addition to my existing range. A happy chance would have it that Will and Harry had been thinking about cards to include in their Christmas gift sets and so a debut edition, specially sized version of the card will launch as a part of their offering.

You'll have to wait a little longer for other new additions to the botanical range to launch (there are a few other new botanicals coming soon), but you can get your hands on an Olea Europaea card as part of a Two Fields Christmas gift set which are available to order now.

There are three gift options and I'll be treating myself to a Limited Edition Gift Set which includes a bottle of oil, salt and oregano. One of my most simple lunch time pleasures is a Dark Woods coffee (local to us and the tastiest coffee ever), some freshly baked bread (sourdough of course, sourdough everything in our house these days since I FINALLY mastered baking bread) with a small pool of Two Fields oil and a little salt to dip into. Day or two old bread calls for scrambled eggs on toast with a sprinkling of oregano and the smallest pinch of salt.

I could honestly go on for years about simple lunches and suppers (I'm thinking of launching a simple supper series on Instagram or over here but that's for another day), but recommend you see the power of simple flavours crafted beautifully for yourself.

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