92 - A Rainy Day

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Yes, I'm hanging my head in shame. My last blog post was October. OCTOBER! Running a shop takes up far more time than I ever imagined (did I mention I opened a shop? possibly not...) and I have several passion projects that form part of that which have been taking up every spare moment too (do you have a passion project? I'd love to hear about it...). Add family life and adventures into the mix and, well, here we are. There are a hundred reasons why I haven't written in so long, but with a strong wind behind me and air in my proverbial writing sails again, off we go...

I promised photos of The Good Life Experience of 2016 back in October and owing to a mix of having far too many images to choose from and saving it for a rainy day - figuratively or metaphorically - as well as not having written anything for a long time (see above), I am only just now posting them.

It is cold outside (actually, it is cold inside for that matter, off to fetch another jumper...) and although it is gloriously sunny, my day dreams are of sun drenched festivals, heat on my skin, feet in sandals, festival food (no longer the greasy noodle fest or overpriced and dubiously undercooked pork bap of yester years...) and new experiences. Music and doing and seeing and the feeling of fullness that comes from an intense couple of days of discovery and freedom from the daily routine. Seems the perfect time for a pictorial re-cap of the Good Life Experience which has become the ritual "so long summer" event for us.

The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer actually as aside from a small spattering of rain, the weather at TGLE was epic! Sandals all weekend and barely a coat in sight, not bad for the end of September, how do you do it Charlie?

A fairy tale castle - We can see for miles up here - Little adventurers - Tents forever - A thousand trees in Gladstone's Library - The Exploration Club - Plastics in the sand, a Meek Family talk - The helter skelter, a symbol of TGLE - Now, pay attention... Charlie Gladstone talks business success - Gin making with the Do Preserve authors - A family motto - Unearthing the Lamb - The pit baked lamb unveiled - A sketch of the whole affair - Ben Fogle talks Land Rovers, dogs and adventures - Gilles Petersen captivates - Axes and how to use them - Light shafts through the trees - 5 O'Clock Apron - Shelling peas - Whats the time Mr Wolf? - The details - Bill Granger bbq's - Ingredients - Lineup - TGLE - Axe throwing for all - Epic log pile - The most magnificent hounds at TGLE - Climb - The end of another spectacular weekend - Corn fields and Sunshine

You can learn more about this years event and buy tickets here.

This post is not sponsored, all views are my own. Don't believe me? Try it out for yourself and see if you aren't going on about it for months after...

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