83 - Two Months Off

Thursday, June 09, 2016

As I fire up Blogger to write my first post in a while I'm horrified to see that it has in fact been two months since I last posted.

I'm being quite serious when I ask that age old question of "where did the time go?".

I notice written posts that have never seen the light of a screen and find myself a little panicky about things not posted and having missed talking about some really exciting things (Blue Dot festival for a start...). The thing is, rather than talking about exciting things, I've been doing them. Lots of them.

In the past two months we've had many outdoor (and glass house) adventures, our boy turned seven (S.E.V.E.N!), we've swam in the sea, hiked hills, walked in the woods, eaten the first of our crops for the year (rhubarb crumble - yum!), seen dinosaurs at the zoo (!) had fun in the last snowfall before winter (May - you certainly were an odd weather month...) and a whole host of other adventures. I've worked on some utterly fabulous projects, one of which I've just mailed today, as well as collaborated with other like minded bods on writing and making - which has been awesome. Oh and I'm writing this post from my new shop...

I'll endeavour to catch up on things missed and preview some utterly brilliant stuff coming up... Blue Dot, Tramlines, The Good Life Experience to name but a few. As always you can keep up with goings on over on Instagram and lately I've been giving Twitter a bit of a go too...

First catch up post coming soon...

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