79 - Ficus Elastica

Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's probably safe to say I'm somewhat obsessive of all things botanical - one look at my product range will tell you that, I'm sure. That having said, it is only recently that I've started to feel brave enough and confident enough to expand beyond the peace lily who just won't die (and has gone from a 10cm window sill pot to something I think we need floor reinforcements for) and fairly forgiving succulents, to something a little more maintenance intensive and requiring, y'know... actual plant knowledge (as well as the time to act on it - which I'm prioritising as one of the perks of working from a home studio).

First up on the list - Ficus Elastica. I drew one of these beauties years ago, it was one of the first botanical cards I ever released and I've been longing for a real one ever since. I finally scratched the itch and bought one. He arrived on Saturday and I am so in love with him now he's here in all his leafy goodness. The architectural qualities of the leaves are just awesome and the colours so intense that I feel like I could lose myself in them like a child in the woods (without bread-crumbs for guidance). He's obviously only a recent acquisition - I'll let you know in due course how easy he is to care for or any particular findings.

Look out for my piece on my "Greener House Dreams" over at The Good Life Experience Megaphone Series (coming this weekend I believe) to hear more about my aspirations to bring the outside in and what kick started my plant buying spree.

This is the first post in a new "outside-in" series where you'll be able to read all about my outside-in adventures, botanical reviews, latest plant obsessions and a new monthly round-up of #ihavethisthingwithglasshouses findings. More on the latter next time, so stay tuned...

Top image by Holly Booth. Detail of Ficus Elastica my own images.

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