67 - Digital Spring Clean

Friday, May 01, 2015

Alfies Studio Paper Echoes Cards - You're the Seagull to My Chips
Alfies Studio Letter Writing Stationery Set - Envelopes and A5 writing paper
Alfies Studio Memo Note Cards Stationery
Alfies Studio Telegram Note Cards with Envelopes
Alfies Studio test tubes for creating wedding favours

With the lighter days come sunshine filled rooms. With sunshine filled rooms comes the realisation that your home has become a spider metropolis over winter. Instead of reaching for the duster or getting those suckers vacuumed up (because with dusting you're just flapping the "fluff" around, right?) I started to think about my online residence (shop) and digital files on my computer. Anyone that follows me on Instagram will know that I'm constantly re-jigging my bookshelves to be able to fit more books in, get rid of old books we're never reading again and generally tidy up and I hit the point when I felt like I needed to do the same with my digital assets as well as my product range.

I spent Easter weekend photographing (and coming up with a few new) products and re-jigging my shop site to be a bit more user friendly, tell you what you want to know in as little time as possible (because you need to be creating adventures to share rather than spending a long time shopping for stuff to share them with) and generally get it together. It was time well spent. I feel so much better about my online presentation of myself and my products / services I'm gonna celebrate by busting out the vacuum first thing in the morning.

Above are some of the new goods added to the site recently. Head over to the shop to take a look, I'd love to know what you think.

Also, in celebration of National Stationery Week and the Bank Holiday weekend take 10% off all orders over £5 til Tuesday 5th May with code SPRINGBANK. You're welcome.

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