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Friday, July 12, 2013

mmm...skyscraper i love you - Tomato/Underworld
mmm... skyscraper i love you - Tomato/Underworld
I featured in a post over at iamthelab.com (link here) on Monday and one of the questions posed was do I have a dream collaborator. I wanted to elaborate on my choices (having skimmed my answer for the post down significantly) and have written and re-written this post several times over.

I have gone over loving William Baker for his pure awesomeness, my long term love affair with Karl Hyde/Underworld who has provided for me on several levels for over a decade now and given me everything from typographic goodness to the soundtrack to my life and a few AMAZING festival/concert performances that have literally rocked my world. My respect for Victoria Beckham for standing for what she believed in/wanted and destroyed any stereotypical notions of herself to carve out a pretty great career doing what she loves and knows best to Vivienne Westwood. Who I love for creating one of my favourite dresses, for creating THAT dress in S&TC, for leading the way for so many years but mostly for her ethical views on fashion and the environment.

After a particularly awful day (two weeks) with my boy who seems to have turned in to someone else (and the baby who is no longer a baby who wants to be potty trained but just can't seem to muster up enough notice not to end up weeing on the chair/stairs/floor) it occurs to me that my real dream collaboration is my family, or at least the dream vision of them.

I want to make the transition from the daily grind to the stuff of dreams. To begin to write a better narrative for my home life, to work with my family at building the dream vision of having a family I had before I had children. I have no idea how to begin shaping this dream collaboration and life for myself. Every day is a lesson and an adventure.


Do you work from home to enable you to look after your children? Have you managed to shape a dream scenario out of being a stay at home mama? I'd love to hear from you...

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