36.1 - Birthday / Stationery

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alfies Studio - Party Invitations
I wanted to capture a feel of cowboys and indians meets teddy bears picnic for a boyish rather than babyish aesthetic.
Alfies Studio - Party Invitations
As well as invites I created Thank You's, colouring cards, badges and bingo cards that had activities to do in the park that had to be done before getting a party bag, they seemed to be a hit and made sure everyone got involved. 
I've been meaning to open the doors on how the birthday invites for Dominic and Evelyn's joint party went for a couple of weeks now but seem to have been flat out doing rather than sharing. More about that on the weekend/next week when I round up the latest work I've been doing.

You may or may not have noticed that I've given this post a .1 in the title. I felt that I wanted to share the party stationery and the day itself but couldn't quite get right with putting them both in the same post for some reason. Party snaps to follow in 36.2 - Birthday / Stationery.

Off the shelf versions of these invites and more are available now at the shop.

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