30 - New Blog Theme!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello one and all!

I have a new blog theme! I'm pretty excited about it but as with all new things it needs a few tweaks and changes that I need to figure out and the images that I have previously placed are not quite a perfect fit, going forward I will make sure everything is properly sized.

I'm working on some pretty exciting stuff right now. I have unfortunately fallen prey to the excitement trap of starting (or having ideas for) so many fancy new ideas that I keep running between them all like a kid in a playground but not committing to (or finishing!) any one single thing yet. I always find that trouble when I do self initiated projects as there is no set deadline and no client to worry about disappointing. I also find that it's just. never. done. EVER! Anyone else have that same issue?

I have a new desk and re-furbed studio to post on (I love the desk so much but now need a new chair to go with - thinking of getting a Gym Ball as I like to fidget whilst I work and can't stand the idea of getting a stool or fixed seat), some recent projects to post up and... ah you know what, just you wait and see!


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