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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Killers at Manchester Arena 17th Feb 2013

Image from impretend.tumblr.com (my view wasn't quite this amazing)

The past couple of weeks have been pretty amazing (read as busy and amazing).
I've been working on some branding (which I'll be sharing soon) and some birth announcements (which I'll also be sharing soon...). Dominic had that last week before half term off  school, coughing like an 80 year old man and wheezing (he's better now tho we did joke we'd have to shelve him if his squeaker was broken, he wasn't amused) and we had our 7 year anniversary celebrations which included THAT re-scheduled Killers concert.

I've loved The Killers for a really long time and they seem to have had an album for every major event in our lives (Dominic was born to the sounds of Day and Age in the operating theatre having already been to one of their concerts in utero, the tickets for which I got the same day I found out I was pregnant...). The date was re-scheduled from the failed date in November and perfectly timed for our 7th anniversary weekend (thanks Mr Flowers, I owe you one). We spent the day at The Mere health spa (a much needed break from the children) and then on to the concert, which for me was emotionally charged right the way from Sam's Town at the start to Mr Brightside at the close. The whole thing was like a musical anthology of the last ten years of our lives together. Can you go another ten Killers? I can't quite imagine life without you.


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